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Information about Wilson’s School

Entrance criteria and school links

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Wilson’s School and the 11plus in Sutton (Selective Eligibility Test)

Wilson’s School Entrance Criteria

(DfE number 319 5400)

Address: Mollison Drive, Wallington, SM6 9JW
Telephone: 020 8773 2931


Head Teacher: Mr N J Cole BA Hons

Open Evening Dates: Please refer to the school website or contact the school directly

Test Arrangements: Selective Eligibility Test – 11 November 2020.
For those eligible, second stage Entrance Examination – 28 November 2020 (Shared with Sutton Grammar School).

Places available for September 2021: 186
Number of male candidates at Selective Eligibility Test for September 2020:  3015
Number of candidates at second stage test for September 2020:  977

Wilson’s is a selective boys' school with approximately 1250 pupils. Boys in Year 6 at primary school in September 2020 and deemed to be of selective ability as determined by their performance in the entrance tests will be eligible for a place at the school in September 2021.

Where the number of eligible candidates for admission exceeds the number of places available, places are offered to boys in the order set out below:

1. Looked After Children or Previously Looked After Children (see page 12 for more details) by rank order of standardised score in the entrance tests.

2. 10 places for boys eligible to receive Free School Meals by rank order of standardised score in the entrance tests.

3. Remaining places including any unallocated places under criterion 2 will be allocated to boys according to their position in the rank order of standardised score in the entrance tests.


Boys who meet the required standard in the Selective Eligibility Test will be invited to sit the second stage Entrance Examination on a date to be confirmed. This test will be shared with Sutton Grammar School. The outcome of the second stage examination for Wilson’s School will be sent by email.


If your son passes the second stage Entrance Examination, you must include Wilson's School as a preference on your common application form in order to be considered for the school.


However, success in the test does not automatically mean that your son will be offered a place at the school, because each year more boys pass the test than there are places available.


If your son does not pass the test, he will not be eligible for a place at the school.


Please note that while Wilson’s School and Sutton Grammar School are sharing a second stage test each school will be treating the results of the test in accordance with its own admission criteria.


Please visit the school’s website for further details.

Applicants for this school are required to complete a supplementary form which is the online registration to sit the Selective Eligibility Test and can be accessed via the school’s website.


In order to sit the Selective Eligibility Test on 11 November 2020, the online supplementary form must have been completed by midnight on 14 August 2020.


Further Information​ - Your child’s Head Teacher will be able to answer most questions.


** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and elevenplus exam queries.**

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