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Entrance criteria and school links

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Clitheroe Royal Grammar School and the 11plus in Lancashire

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School is a free, state selective grammar school with academy status. Students normally join our school at one of two stages, Year 7 or Year 12.


Admission to Year 7

There are currently 748 students in our Main School.  From September 2016 our Pupil Admission Number increased to 150 with a 5-form entry at Year 7.  Pupils join our school from over 40 primary schools from within our catchment area and beyond.

Admission to the Main School is by 11+ test.

The school is a mixed, selective 11-18 grammar school providing a free education. As an academy school, the governors are responsible for setting the school’s admission arrangements. In common with state schools throughout the country, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School will be part of a co-ordinated local admission scheme.


Traditionally the school has drawn its pupils not only from the catchment area but from other places within travelling


Admission of Students to Year 7

i) Admissions Number
The number of intended admissions to year 7 is 150.

ii) The Tests
For eligible candidates (see Note 1) the entrance examination will consist of standardised tests. Further details about the nature of these tests is available within the admissions handbook. The tests will be conducted at the school in the autumn term. Arrangements to take the tests will be announced in the local press and on the school website each year.

A candidate may only sit the entrance examination once.

Parents / carers who wish their son / daughter to take the entrance examination, must complete the Clitheroe Royal Grammar School application form. This is available on the school website and must be completed online.

iii) Admission Criteria and Over-subscription

Once the tests have been marked parents / carers will be informed whether their child has reached the required standard. Pupils will need to show that they have the ability to benefit from the education provision of the school by reaching the required standard, although this will not guarantee a place if the number of pupils achieving this score exceeds the number of places available.

The school will not distinguish between candidates on grounds of gender, race, nationality, national origin, ethnic origin, disability, faith or denominational background.

Candidates reaching the required standard who have a current Education, Health and Care Plan(EHCP) naming Clitheroe Royal Grammar School on the EHCP will be offered a place.

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School has a planned admission number for each year of 150. If the number of applicants reaching the required standard is less than 150, then all of these applicants will be deemed 'eligible'.

If the number reaching the required standard is greater than 150 and the school is therefore oversubscribed, then the school will rank the applicants who have reached the required standard according to the following admissions priority criteria:

1) Looked after children and previously looked after children
2) Candidates whose permanent residence is within the catchment area and who qualify for Pupil Premium* funding at the time of registering to take the 11+ test.
3) Candidates whose permanent residence is within the catchment area
4) Candidates whose permanent residence is outside the catchment area and who quality for Pupil Premium* funding at the time of registering to take the 11+ test.
5) Candidates whose permanent residence is outside the catchment area


*If a candidate qualifies for Pupil Premium funding or has ever qualified for Free School Meals, parents should inform the school in writing, prior to the 11+ test.

Candidates within over-subscription categories 2 - 5 will be ranked according to ability as demonstrated in the testing process. In the event of equal scores within over-subscription categories 2 - 5, the final determining factor will
be the proximity of the child to the school.

In the case of over-subscription, a confidential waiting list will be drawn up. This waiting list will be maintained for the academic year of admission. Position on the waiting list will be on the basis of ability. Where more than one candidate is at the same position on the list, priority will be given in the same order as over-subscription categories 2 - 5 and then to the individual nearest to the school.

Until the end of the autumn term in year 7, if a candidate withdraws, his/her place will be offered to the highest placed applicant on the waiting list.

iv) Further Information
For those candidates who have some inconsistency in scores and / or are borderline for admission, further information may be requested from the primary school subject to parental consent.
v) Co-ordinated Admissions Policy

The school is required to comply with the Lancashire Co-ordinated Scheme for secondary school admissions to year 7. Under this scheme, only one offer of a school place will be made by Lancashire for admission to any secondary school including Clitheroe Royal Grammar School.

Parents may express up to three preferences for admission to all maintained secondary schools. The priority in which parents express their preferences will be used to determine which one offer is made. It is important that parents understand that the system of allocation of school places by the Local Authority (LA) will mean that if, after applying the admissions criteria, a child appears on the eligible list of their first preference school, then this is the place that will be offered.


A candidate with Clitheroe Royal Grammar School as a second or third preference, even if they have reached the required standard, cannot be offered a place if they are eligible for a school for which a higher preference has been indicated on the LA Common Application Form.

(vi) Assessment of Candidates Relocating to the Area
Parents or guardians of candidates for year 7 who move from another area of the country into the vicinity of the school (whether inside the catchment area or not) after the closing date for the submission of the Clitheroe Royal Grammar School application form, may apply to the school for them to be assessed.

During the period from the time of the examination to the end of the first term in year 7, the assessment will follow a similar pattern to that used for the entrance examination. If an application is made after the first term has ended, then an age-weighted reasoning test and tests set by the school of appropriate National Curriculum work will be used. If the candidate reaches a level comparable to students who have already been admitted and no places are available, the candidate’s name will be placed on a confidential waiting list, ranked according to overall performance in the tests and proximity to the school in that order.




Summary of the Application Process for the Admission of Students to Year 7
1. The application form to take the Clitheroe Royal Grammar School examination must be completed online and submitted by the school’s closing date. This application form is available on the school website.

2. The examination is held in the autumn term.

3. Parents / carers will be notified as to whether their child has reached the required standard sufficiently before the closing date for the completion of the Local Authority (LA) Common Application Form online. We advise that parents / carers wait for this notification from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School before completing the LA Common Application Form online.

4. Parents / carers complete the LA Common Application Form online. Parents who wish their child to be considered for a place at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School must list the school as one of their three preferences.

5. The LA will post notification of allocations as per their schedule. At the same time in the spring term Clitheroe Royal Grammar School will also post offers of places to successful candidates. Parents will be required to confirm to their LA within 14 days, if they do not wish to accept a place offered.

6. Parents / carers whose child has been offered a place at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the place.

Further details of the appeal arrangements are obtainable from the

Clerk to the Appeals Panel,
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School,

York Street,




Read detailed admissions criteria here.

School website

Further Information​ - Your child’s Head Teacher will be able to answer most questions.


** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and elevenplus exam queries.**

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