Complete list of the best UK Grammar Schools

The academic program at these schools will place an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting government requirements and parental choice.


Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allows many of these schools to offer a comfortable and exclusive educational environment.


Annual fees can be high and demand for places is always high. Almost all of these schools use some version of the 11plus exam and success in the 11plus can reduce the annual fees quite considerably.


These schools are equipped to ensure that each student receives the individualised attention and support they need in order to help reach their chosen goals.

Using the filter you can find information about your chosen school or schools.


Methodist College Belfast


Methodist College Belfast (or MCB as it is often known) uses the AQE Transfer Test and was opened in 1868 having been founded by the Methodist Church in Ireland. In 1865 there were about 23,000 Methodists in Ireland out of a population of about 6 million. 

Hunterhouse College

Northern-Ireland-AQE & GL

Hunterhouse College was founded by the amalgamation of Ashleigh House and Princess Gardens schools in 1987. The school is an all-girls' grammar school which is situated in Finaghy, Belfast. The school accepts pupils from across.....

Grosvenor Grammar School


As the population of Belfast grew after the second World War the Belfast Corporation understood the increase in demand for grammar-school education in the Belfast area and Grosvenor Grammar School was founded in 1945.....

Campbell College

Northern-Ireland-AQE & GL

The school was founded in 1894 following a gift of money from Henry James Campbell who made his fortune in the linen trade. It is a day and boarding school educating boys from ages four to 18. The school accepts AQE or PPTC results....

Bloomfield Collegiate School


Bloomfield Collegiate was founded in 1905. Today the school has in the region of 800 pupils and places in year 8 are always in high demand. Bloomfield Collegiate uses the results from the AQE Transfer Test as part of its intake procedure for year 8.....

Belfast Royal Academy


Belfast Royal Academy is a voluntary grammar school, using the Transfer Test and its management is vested in a Board of Governors on which parents and teachers are represented.....

The King’s School Grantham


The King’s School Grantham has over 1200 pupils and over 100 members of staff. The school can trace its origins back by almost 500 years. Demand for places is high and one admission criteria is success in an 11+ exam.....

The King Edward VI Academy Spilsby


King Edward VI School Grammar School is a grammar school located in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. For children between the ages of eleven and eighteen admission is by way of an 11+ exam.....

Spalding High School


Spalding High School seek to make education enjoyable, challenging, informative and wide-ranging. The school create the conditions for the development of the whole person. Admission is made using the 11+ exam.....

Spalding Grammar School


Spalding Grammar School, fully known as The Queen Elizabeth Royal Free Grammar School Spalding, is a boys' grammar school in Spalding.....

Skegness Grammar School


Skegness Grammar School is a coeducational grammar school and sixth form with academy status, located in Skegness, Lincolnshire. Selection to the school is by the eleven-plus examination.....

Queen Elizabeth's High School Gainsborough


Queen Elizabeth's High School is a mixed grammar school in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. The school, established in 1983, but with a timeline to 1589, is an amalgamation of the.....