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The King’s School Grantham

The King’s School Grantham


11plus exam content.

Subjects Tested: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning

Entrance criteria.

The King’s School Grantham

Information for Admissions for Year 7 Entry in September 

Registration for the 11+ tests for entry in following September

The online Registration form for these tests will be available on the school website from January until March.

After this date registrations will be accepted but classed as late. Registration is made through the school for students to be able to sit the tests in the school, whilst the application is made through your home Local Authority between September and October 2021, and are two are quite separate but necessary procedures in order that a student be considered for a place in the following September.


The deadline for registrations to be received by the school is the end of March in order to be included for the tests which will take place the following September.

11+ Testing Procedure

There are two tests administered by the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools for students at the beginning of Year 6. Candidates are required to sit a Verbal Reasoning Test and a Non-Verbal Reasoning & Spatial Awareness Test specifically produced by GL Assessment, at King's if they have registered here, OR by arrangement with another Lincolnshire Consortium Grammar School. 

Candidates must record their answers on an Optical Mark Reading (OMR) sheet, being required to mark a line in a box for the correct choice on the OMR sheet.  Please note that the same tests are used in all Lincolnshire Consortium Grammar Schools and therefore may be taken only once in the school year in preparation for application to any of the Schools in the Lincolnshire Consortium.

The King's School intends to send out a set of practice papers for each boy registered to sit the test here, to their primary school for administration there. 

If primary schools are not willing to administer the practice tests or parents have not provided the necessary consent on the online registration form, parents are encouraged to use the practice material which is commercially available.

The practice tests are to ensure that candidates are familiar with the style of questions. Each real test also has a short practice element; the Verbal Reasoning Test is preceded by a separate Preliminary Practice Test, and the Non-Verbal Reasoning & Spatial Awareness Test is divided into separately timed sections each providing at least one practice question.

When the formal tests have been completed, the OMR sheets are sent back to GL Assessment for marking. Scores are standardised, making adjustments for age difference and to produce a qualification standard identifying suitability for Grammar School education in Lincolnshire. 

These results are returned to the grammar schools for distribution to parents; to the primary schools that the candidates currently attend by consent, in order that the child’s education record can be maintained; and may be shared with Lincolnshire County Council if an application is made as they co-ordinate the admissions to this school.

The qualification is a total standardised score of at least 220, as a sum of the two tests, and represents the ability of the most able 25% of pupils in the age group in primary schools in the selective areas of Lincolnshire for that cohort. 

Please note that attainment of the minimum qualification standard does not of itself guarantee admission to any individual school.

Application to the Grammar School of choice must be made through your home Local Authority, for Lincolnshire residents the deadline for this is 31 October 2021. 

If your home Local Authority is not Lincolnshire, you will need to follow instructions you receive from them regarding the application procedure and their deadline.

For further impartial school admissions advice, please contact the School Admissions team at Lincolnshire County Council. More information can be obtained by calling 01522 782030 or by visiting their website:

Contact details.

The King's School

Brook Street, 



NG31 6RP

Tel:  01476 563180

Fax: 01476 590953


Type of Exam: Linconshire Grammar Schools Consortium 11+ Tests

School website.

School history.

The King’s School Grantham - School History

If you visit the Old School, you will find yourself in a building where Grantham boys have been educated continuously for over 500 years.

The King’s School was endowed by Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester in 1528 although the Old School and the Master’s House beside it were dated by Pevsner in Buildings of England, at 1497.  These two buildings, which remain essentially unchanged, were supplemented with a Dining room in 1855 and a Long Dorm in 1893 before additions throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries expanded the School to its present capacity. 

In the sixteenth century, Grantham’s ‘Free Grammar School of King Edward VI’ would have taught Latin and Greek to perhaps 20 scholars, most of whom would have been local boys.  Indeed, before the expansion of the twentieth century, the School would rarely have had more than sixty scholars at a time.  

Unfortunately, registration records only go back to 1838 so the only record we have of pupils from prior to this date is in the signatures carved on the window sills and walls of the Old School.  However, we do know from other records of some very significant past pupils from those early years including Isaac Newton who attended the School from 1655 to 1660, and William Cecil, later Lord Burghley, Chancellor and advisor to Elizabeth I who was a pupil in 1530.

Commonly, boys would attend between the ages of eight and fourteen.  As numbers increased the school room would be divided by huge heavy curtains.  A Drill Master was employed from around 1860 which began the teaching of Physical Education at the School and paved the way for the School Cadet Corps which was established in 1904.

The school war memorial commemorates over forty ex-pupils and staff who lost their lives in the service of our nation. The school is proud that two former pupils were awarded the highest military honour, The Victoria Cross. Albert Ball, V.C. was a pupil in 1906/07 and Joseph Tombs, V.C. was a pupil in the early 1900’s.

The first women teachers were employed in 1915 on equal terms as the male staff.  Today the School has over 1200 pupils and over 100 members of staff.  The School has a small but significant archive with School photographs, uniforms, documents and memorabilia.

** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and elevenplus exam queries.**

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